The School for Deacons Trustees

  • The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus - Chair
  • The Ven. Cookie Clark โ€“ Treasurer


  • Dr. Sheila Andrus
  • The Ven. Brian Barnes
  • Mr. Don Callison
  • Mr. Clay Copeland
  • Dr. Roderick B. Dugliss โ€“ Dean
  • The Rev. Fred Heard
  • Mr. Ferdinand Hinds
  • The Rev. Virginia McNeely
  • The Rev. Joyce Parry Moore
  • The Rev. Rebecca Morehouse โ€“ Administrator
  • Ms. Jeri Robinson
  • The Rev. Cn Stefani Schatz
  • The Rev. Franklin Sterling
  • The Rev. Kwasi Thornell
  • The Rev. Carolyn Woodall

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