Ye Olde Hermeneutic XII #6

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?This is perhaps the most challenging task with which we have been charged. It is not so much about being a thorn in the church?s side or about making trouble (though we are often involved in both), it is, as Walter Brueggemann reflects in The Prophetic Imagination, about being both critical and analytical, as well as people who energize with hope.? Susanne Watson-Epting, Unexpected Consequences: The Diaconate Renewed, p.92.

News for the Weekend of November 19-20, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

Welcome All Our Guests to Community Night

This Saturday is the second of the school evenings with community Eucharist and dinner. I am sure you have let Rebecca know if you have guests who are planning to come. In the quiet season of Advent we will quietly celebrate the end of the fall semester.

For our sturdy first year class, they have survived and have completed the first half of their first year: a major milestone.

For our tenacious second year duo, they are halfway to the end.

And our sturdy third year cohort?the end is in view.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

We give thanks that Mary Louise Hintz has received a much more hopeful and positive health prognosis.  Other than that there is nothing much to report in this category. Deo Gratias.


A Prophetic Word

Susanne Watson-Epting found some words of Richard Rohr?s in one of his weekly meditations speaking to the need and the role for deacons as prophets. Rohr wasn?t thinking of deacons when he wrote these words, but Susanne could see the implication right away.

From Richard Rohr's daily meditation -- something to ponder in these tumultuous times: "The role of the prophet is to lead us into sacred space by deconstructing the old space; the role of the priest is to teach us how to live fruitfully in sacred space. The prophet disconnects us from the false, and the priest reconnects us to the real at ever-larger levels. If ?priests? have been largely unsuccessful, it is because there are so few prophets. And to be honest, most ministers confuse the maintaining of order with re-order! This is a huge issue. Such ?priests? might talk of new realms but never lead us out of the old realm where we are still largely trapped and addicted; they have little personal knowledge of the further journey. Thus our Western spirituality is so lopsided."

Deacons to the rescue!


Standing Rock

Deacons (aided and abetted by Danial London who was, in turn, supported by the people of Holy Redeemer, San Rafael) have been leading the way to Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Reservation to stand with those now named ?Water Protectors? to stop the intrusion of the Dakota Access Pipeline onto sacred, treaty land and across pristine rivers.

This past week the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers put a stop to the project and said that an alternate route for the pipeline would be found. A cautious claiming of victory?with still some uncertainty.
Why is this story in the Herm?other than being God?s justice at work through courageous witness? Because The Episcopal Church, led by PB Michael Curry (who said this was the Selma of our times) has been widely recognized for its leadership and participation in this movement. This is a rare occurrence. Therefore it is a moment to be noted, because we can actually do this sort of thing. TEC has had a long and large presence among the Lakota people and we did not neglect or abandon them this time.


The annual School for Deacons Retreat will be held at The Bishop?s Ranch from the evening of Friday, January 6th 2017 [Happy Epiphany!] through lunch on Sunday, January 8th 2017. We will begin at 7:00PM with our own dinner prepared and served in The Ranch House. Thereafter all meals will be in the incomparable Ranch Refectory.
The members of the first year class who have not been to The Ranch will find a map and directions in their folders. If you need further information, speak to Rebecca or the Dean. When you arrive?anytime after 3:00pm--you will find a chart with your room assignment on a table at the foot of the stairs in the Ranch House.

If you have some caloric leftovers from the Christmas holiday that you would like to get out of the house?and share?please bring them for the Saturday night party.


Words to the Wise from Rebecca
A note about the kitchen: the resident rodent is proving to be quite wily and is still at large.  Though I personally have seen no evidence of his existence I?m assured that he exists.  So please make sure all food is put away and counters and tables are wiped down. Jasmine and I look forward to seeing you all Saturday night.


Dates/Events of Note

The. Triennial Province VIII Deacons Conference will be NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV hosted by the great deacon community in the Diocese of Nevada