Ye Olde Hermeneutic XII #5

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?This is perhaps the most challenging task with which we have been charged. It is not so much about being a thorn in the church?s side or about making trouble (though we are often involved in both), it is, as Walter Brueggemann reflects in The Prophetic Imagination, about being both critical and analytical, as well as people who energize with hope.? Susanne Watson-Epting, Unexpected Consequences: The Diaconate Renewed, p.92.

News for the Weekend of November 19-20, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

Welcome to a Challenging Weekend: Parking-wise

This Saturday is the second of the school weekends on which there is also a Cal home football game. Once again the Celtic Cross Society of the CDSP student body will be renting parking spaces to raise money for mission work.

[In that regard, this past week they sent $1,000.00 to support the Water Protectors at Standing Rock in response to the call from PB Michael Curry. Money spent on parking goes to good use.]

To compound the usual inconvenience, this is THE BIG GAME; the long and intensive rivalry between the two geographically neighboring schools. Even street parking will be at a premium.

The game begins at 2:30 so the lot will need to be ready probably by 10:00 or so. Fans will come early and tailgate for lunch.

If you park Friday night, go find street parking before class, preferably before our 7:30 gathering. The usual. Not at meters nor the space in front of Shires but any place that has a designated letter sticker where the sign says in very small type, ?not enforced on Saturday and Sunday.?

If you come Saturday morning, park on the street. For faculty coming mid-day, your best bet is to contact Celtic Cross and reserve a space ($35 for a good cause). Let them know your eta.


Sunday. There is the annual Berkeley Half Marathon. I don?t know its exact route but it typically ties up streets near the campus. Most important?the University Avenue off--ramp and much of University Avenue will be shut down from early morning until noon.  The warning signs say to take Gillman Avenue. Factor in extra time for getting around street closures.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

This is an issue with nothing to report in this category. Deo Gratias.


The ?Process? and Its Processing

Marcia Hansen is now officially an aspirant. Don?t know if that also means ?Nominee? but vocabulary can vary from diocese to diocese. Her feet are firmly planted on the path and moving inexorably forward.


A Way to Stand with Standing Rock

Mary Taggart?s son Ian is part of an effort to collect essential winder supplies to those holding fast at the DAPL protest site. They are doing an in-gathering of stuff on Sunday. The list of needed items is VERY SPECIFIC. If you can and will bring an item this weekend, Ian will come and collect it/them on Sunday. Mary will need to let him know by Saturday whether or not he should come?through all the traffic craziness?to collect items on Sunday. Let her know.


            ? winter tents

            ? camping gear

            ? sleeping bags

            ? boots

            ? gloves

            ? hats

THAT?S IT. No other items will be accepted.


A Note on Resources
We received notification too late to communicate through this venerable vehicle, but there was a workshop at CDSP last Saturday on the effectives uses of web and social media tools in ministry. This is an area deacons should be at least conversant with. There are workshops and webinars, etc. offered fairly regularly, so this wasn?t your only chance. As you move into active ministry, keep an eye out so that you can keep as current as reasonable?without trying to build a resume for work at The Genius Bar.
That noted, Greg Matszel did attend. So corner him and find out some things you ought to know about.


Last Chance
A graduate of the school has given, for possible use by another, three shirts with SFD logos on them that she is no longer able to wear. They are size XXL: one in reddish-pink and two in blue. If you would like them or one of them, contact Rebecca and it/they will be yours. If no one responds, they will go the ?the ash-heap of history.?


Words to the Wise from Rebecca
Candidatder of


Dates/Events of Note

The. triennial Province VIII Deacons Conference will be NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV hosted by the great deacon community in the Diocese of Nevada