Ye Olde Hermeneutic XII #11

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

“This is perhaps the most challenging task with which we have been charged. It is not so much about being a thorn in the church’s side or about making trouble (though we are often involved in both), it is, as Walter Brueggemann reflects in The Prophetic Imagination, about being both critical and analytical, as well as people who energize with hope.” Susanne Watson-Epting, Unexpected Consequences: The Diaconate Renewed, p.92.

News for the Weekend of April 22-23, 2017

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

Easter Blessings

The folk in the tiny office hope that everyone had a blessed Holy Week and a festal Easter Day. Those in field ed congregations probably were significantly involved in what is the central week of the church’s worship. I am sure there will be things to share in the Field Ed seminar this coming Sunday [Easter 2].


Sharing the Campus

This coming weekend the Pacific Theological Society is having its annual gathering at which scholars in various theological fields share papers and stimulate each other’s work. On Saturday they will be using Classroom B. Classes that would normally meet in B can use A or, as sometimes happens anyway, a table in the Refectory.


More than Socks (or Sox)

For a number of years, a standing assignment for the first year class was the Socks Project. It involved organizing the school to use Lent to gather new white (preferable) socks to be then distributed to various agencies serving people who live on the streets, and thus, on their feet. Because the two recent classes have been so small, we decided that it was piling on too much work for them to bring off a project that assumed a group of six or more.

However, for spring 2017, there is an option.

Mary Taggart has asked that the following announcement go in this issue of Ye Olde. . .


“Please support the St. John's Episcopal Church (Lakeport)Thrift Shop by bringing any nice spring/ summer clothes, summer shoes, and hats (woman's, men's and children's.) Housewares, bedspreads,

blankets, and sheets in good condition would also be appreciated. Their thrift shop helps support the food closet. As you know that area has suffered two devastating fires in recent history. Please bring the items to SFD this weekend so that Mary Taggart can take them to Lakeport on Saturday, May 6 at a gathering of DioNorCal deacons (and ordinands) with their bishop. Thank you!

See you soon!

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Thanks!!      Mary”


Just a reminder, not really needed for deacon-people, but just in case. . .
The clothing and items requested should be things that you or someone you know personally would wear or use. They should not be items whose next logical state is as a cleaning rag.  As deacons, one of the things you will find is that requests for donations of food, clothing, etc. always bring forth dated, stale, and completely worn out goods from people who can’t distinguish between helping people (like themselves in every way) and cleaning out the cupboard or closet.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

While not known to persons in the current student body, Chris Butler was the School Administrator for Dean Judith Dunlop and for the current dean up to the moment Rebecca stepped into the role. He also served on the DioCal Standing Committee where he met to give final stamp of approval for those about to be ordained deacons (and to other orders).

His partner for 28 years and husband for 8 of them—Dr. David Drennan, died during Holy Week.


The Bishop of California, The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, will be on Sabbatical for the next 6 months.


Words to the Wise from Rebecca
Soon-to-be graduates, you will find your invitations in your mail folders thanks to Mary Louise! But before graduation comes community dinner on Saturday, May 13. Please begin to think about whom you would like to invite, invite them, and then let me know how many, by Cinco de Mayo!


Dates/Events of Note
The final Revised academic schedule for Fall 2017, and thereafter, is now on the web site. Also, if you have not already done so, calendar Saturday November 18th to be in Fresno for the 6th and final Episcopal Revival, being led by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry—and the only one being held in the West. It is expected [required] that students from the dioceses of San Joaquin and El Camino Real attend. The rest of us should try to be there too.