The School for Deacons Administration

Roderick B. Dugliss, Ph.D., Dean

Mr. Roderick B. Dugliss, dean [1999] B.A. cum laude Stetson University; M.A. & Ph.D. Duke University.

Dean Roderick Dugliss joined the School in the Fall of 1999. A graduate of Duke University, Dean Dugliss served as a missionary in Japan, worked as a college professor, and for many years had a career in the business world. Rod is a passionate advocate of the deacon's role as prophet in bringing about the kingdom of God.

Nancy Slavin, Administrator

The Rev. Katherine Salinaro, School Deacon and Director of Field Education

The Rev. Katherine Salinaro, deacon [1991] B.S. San Francisco State University; B.T.S. The School for Deacons; M.A. Holy Names College

A graduate of the School for Deacons, Kate serves as a resource and mentor for the students and faculty. She supervises the Field Education component of the curriculum and functions as deacon in the School's liturgies. Kate is also Past-President of the North American Association for the Diaconate (NAAD).

The Rev. Catherine Costas, Registrar