The Program

Classes at The School for Deacons are tailored for working adults- classes meet 12 weekends during the year. Fall Semester classes meet August through December; Spring Semester classes meet January through May.

The successful completion of a three-year course of study leads to a bachelor's degree in Diaconal Studies (BDS). The School for Deacons is an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of California, and is authorized to grant a BDS by the Bureau of Private, Post-Secondary, and Vocational Education of the State of California under a religious exemption. Please note that The School for Deacons is not currently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and does not participate in the Student Tuition Recovery Fund.

Students learn invaluable knowledge that prepares them for ministry through lecture, audio-visual methods, and home-study assignments. Students should expect to supplement every hour of in-class time with at least three hours of home study, which includes reading textbooks and preparing papers. Instructors consult together and attempt to integrate the various classes into a coherent whole.