Ye Olde Hermeneutic XII #1

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?This is perhaps the most challenging task with which we have been charged. It is not so much about being a thorn in the church?s side or about making trouble (though we are often involved in both), it is, as Walter Brueggemann reflects in The Prophetic Imagination, about being both critical and analytical, as well as people who energize with hope.? Susanne Watson-Epting, Unexpected Consequences: The Diaconate Renewed, p.92.

News for the Weekend of August 27-28, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

New Ways to Worship and Learn

We have a New Chapel Protocol for Academic Year 2016-17

We will celebrate the Eucharist once each school weekend. This will be on Sundays except for the community nights at the beginning and end of each semester when we will make Eucharist with our families and other guests on Saturday evening.

We will do one office each weekend?Saturday evening after class, except community nights when we will do Morning Prayer on Sunday.

On Saturday mornings, we will grab coffee at 7:45am and then, as the whole community we will plan the Eucharist for the next school weekend. We will do this in the Tucson Classroom [right next to the room with coffee!!] Rather than have worship planning be hasty sign-ups a lunches and heavy email traffic we will all work together to learn as we plan. Among other things, this can make our prayers of the people be from the community and not the single homework assignment for one student.  It will allow consideration of many issues in living liturgy that will or might involve or affect the deacon. After our Sunday celebration we will debrief our experience as the community as a whole. To make that possible we will move our start time up by 15 minutes. Sunday Eucharist will begin promptly at 8:15. This way we will continue to learn and still get the caffeine jump-start required by many.
We will work out process and details as we meet together. This new protocol launches at 7:45am Saturday, August 27th.

This arrangement will reflect and work better with our smaller student body and will make our complete worship experience, from initial plan to post-worship debrief, learning, being formed in and by prayer, and our ?bounden duty and service.?


Welcome the Class of 2019

We welcome into the School for Deacons community ?
            Jim Arnold, from St. Peter?s, Morro Bay, Diocese of El Camino Real

            Tom Hampson, from St. Paul?s Modesto, Diocese of El Camino Real

            Marcia Hanson, from St. John?s, Roseville, Diocese of Northern California

?Small but wiry? is becoming a School for Deacons motto?at least for the time being. This is an amazing group of folk as is/are each and every incoming class.


Office Hours and Other Changes

There are two significant changes in the operation of the School for Deacons. On July 1, both Rod and Rebecca began working on a limited schedule. Rebecca will normally work one day a week in the office. She will be on campus part of the Friday before a school weekend to set up the coffee, etc., but she will not be on campus for the weekends themselves. [This means asking students to pick up some of the tasks to support ?hospitality??or our endless caffeine and carb needs. We will organize this during the first weekend.] Her day in the office will usually be Wednesday, unless you hear otherwise. The primary school phone number rolls over to her cell phone and she checks email regularly so you can always reach her if you need to on other days. Rod is on campus Wednesdays, along with Kate Salinaro, teaching the CDSP Field Ed Seminars. Rod will usually be on campus on Tuesdays and on Thursdays or Fridays by appointment.

The other big change is that we will be moving the school office back to the space where we began nearly 20 years ago when we moved on campus. The office will be the one created initially for us at the north end of the refectory. Whether and how this might affect phone or other elements will be revealed as we shoehorn ourselves into the space. No time set. When we know you will know.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

Over the summer we learned of the death of Deacon Vincent McKenzie, a deacon in the Diocese of California who graduated from the school and was ordained in the early ?90?s.

Mary Louise continued to struggle with health issues over the summer, with yet another serious hospitalization. The good news, of sorts, is that she has a definitive diagnosis that has eluded physicians for months. The not so good news is that it is very serious. She hopes to be able to get registrar basics handled for as long as she is able. Prayers to continue.

The Ven. Ormonde Plater, who has been the most outstanding leader of and for the diaconate in its renewal in TEC, starting before the final approval of the 1979 BCP, died on the Feast of the Transfiguration. Everyone reading this newsletter has read and used at least one of his definitive books. Some of us were blessed to know and work with Ormonde. May he rest in peace and rise in glory?replete with a New Orleans jazz band leading.


The ?Process? and Its Processing

In its August meeting, the COM for Northern California approved another person to begin the process of formation for the diaconate.


Church-wide Honors for SFD Grads

At the triennial AED gatherings, deacons who are nominated by their bishops are recognized for their outstanding work in varieties of diaconal ministry with a Stephen Award [referencing St. Stephen, of course.] The 2016 gathering in Minnesota in June included three graduates of the School for Deacons among the 25 deacons honored from across The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. The honorees are The Rev. Lee Barford, Deacon at Trinity Cathedral, San Jose, Diocese of El Camino Real, The Rev. Davidson Bidwell-Waite, Missioner for Haiti for the Diocese of California and The Ven. Ernestina Campbell, sometime Archdeacon and deacon at Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, Diocese of Northern California [Past President of AED and long-time leader of spiritual formation for SFD students in her Diocese and the Diocese of San Joaquin].

Congratulations and ?well done, good and faithful servants.?


Getting Political from the Get-Go

One of the most common ways of shutting down, or at least seeking to neutralize the prophetic voice of the deacon [or other prophets among us] is to label what is said or proposed as ?political? and therefore not to be mentioned in the sacred confines of church. There is a whole lot that is wrong about that, but this is not the place to address that. However, the Office of Governmental Relations of The Episcopal Church [i.e. our lobbying presence in Washington, DC, which brings us the Episcopal Public Policy Network online (EPPN)] has issued its quadrennial guide for voting. No endorsements, but a rehearsal of principle, values, and Gospel imperatives. It can be found at:

Available on Facebook, and ENS, and the AED website is Presiding Bishop Michael Curry?s statement on the election and that voting is a Christian obligation. Good for us to hear. Good for us to encourage the baptized to hear. He has just named a new head for Office of Government Relations, Rebecca Linder Blachly, who brings mighty credentials indeed.


Dates of Note

The. triennial Province VIII Deacons Conference will be NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV hosted by the great deacon community in the Diocese of Nevada



Various Things aka Rebecca?s Notes

As you know if you have read carefully, I will not be here on campus on school weekends.  While I?ll miss seeing you all, I won?t miss getting up at 5 those weekends as I have for the past 14 years!

Please leave payments and other paperwork for me in the pouch with the blue trim in the front of your mail folders.

What I?ll be looking for:

            Tuition agreements, if you haven?t already sent it in to me.


Health forms from first year students and any others who have had health medical changes.   (Extra forms are in one of the purple folders behind the faculty mail folders.)

The Sunday offering

And whatever else you wish to leave me!