Ye Olde Hermeneutic XI #8 - NOT

Ye Olde Hermeneutic - NOT

?Deacons are not to serve us, the church, but to show us how to serve the world.? Paraphrase of Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, from address to his diocesan convention.

News for the Weekend of February 20-21, 2016

(Cobbled together and not edited by Rebecca Morehouse)


has been handling important family matters and was unable to write the Herm for this weekend. He will come in to teach his classes, but may not be otherwise available.


Welcome our Saturday Deacon, The Rev. Stephenie Rose Cooper

Many of you, if not all, met Stephenie at the school retreat in January.  A graduate of the SFD class of 2006, she serves as deacon for Holy Child and St. Francis in the Diocese of El Camino Real. Please feel free to ask her about her many ministries.


The rest of this is a repeat from the last Herm but worth printing again:


A Day of Discovery

A special workshop in discernment, called A Day of Discovery, is being offered at St. James? Episcopal Church in Oakland on Saturday, February 27th.  This is a well-designed program to help anyone who is weighing any kind of call or urge toward ministry of any kind. It is required of anyone seeking to enter the ordination process in the Diocese of California. A version of it is also offered (and required) in the Dioceses of El Camino and San Joaquin from time to time. Every Diocal student now in the School for Deacons has already done this. However, if you know of someone who might be thinking at all of the diaconate this would assist them in finding a new level of clarity. There is a $25 charge. If you, or someone you know, is interested contact


Inquirer?s Day! Almost Here!!

We are looking forward to our annual Inquirer?s Day on Saturday, March 12, 2016. Anyone the least bit interested in diaconal ministry or in attending The School for Deacons is most welcome to attend. Students at The School for Deacons and deacons in ministry are in a prime position to notice diaconal and servant leadership signs among the people with whom ?they live, and work, and worship.? All they need is a tap on the shoulder?by you?and a beginning conversation. If you need any supporting materials check the web site and/or contact Mary Louise in The School for Deacons office. Register for the event with Mary Louise.


Panama Project


Greg Masztal has been accepted into the Panama Project and according to Rod, the Rev. Anne Hallisey who heads up the project is ecstatic! Way to go, Greg!


Spring Rota

Dean of the Chapel, David Stickley, has moved us into the 21st century with a digital Rota for a semester?s major liturgy role assignments. It is the same Google Doc, but with a ?new semester? tag on it. If you haven?t accessed it to find out what you are up to this semester, please do. If you need help, contact David.