Ye Olde Hermeneutic XI #7

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?Deacons are not to serve us, the church, but to show us how to serve the world.? Paraphrase of Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, from address to his diocesan convention.

News for the Weekend of January 30-31, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

Welcome our Saturday Deacon, The Rev. Phyllis Manoogian

Phyllis had a complicated path that finally led to her ordination. Her sponsoring parish was La Santisima Trinidad in Richmond, where, among other ministry work, she initiated some important programs for tutoring Latino youth. After ordination she was initially assigned to St. Mark?s, Berkeley?which seemed like an odd choice at the time. Soon thereafter she answered a call to serve in Guatemala with the small Episcopal Church there. With the support of St. Mark?s, she has been immersed in life and ministry in Guatemala. She has come back to the Bay Area to clear out of her residence, which, in the current housing boom, has been sold. We are blessed to have her with us as our deacon as we start the spring semester. She will soon return to Guatemala where she may be at home for a long time.

Welcome Phyllis. Ask her what?s happening in the part of the world she now finds herself.


Special Guest

Joining us for some or all of this weekend will be The Ven. Catherine Harper, a priest who is Director of Mission and Ministry in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle in the Anglican Church of Canada. She has been charged with developing a deacon formation program for the diocese, which is in the Province of Saskatchewan. She tracked us down, not only on the web, but also now in person. I am sure she will want to talk with faculty and students as she learns about how we do what we do.  I am sure she also would be happy to answer any questions you have about Canada or/and the Anglican Church, our sisters and brothers to the north.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

JoEllen Barnhart finally came home from the hospital this past week.  Thomas Tarwater, a deacon at St. Barnabas, Arroyo Grande, has retired and the congregation has honored his ministry with a gift to The School for Deacons. Susan Arnold is now the deacon there. At the retreat she told us of all the regional programs and initiatives for the homeless and hungry she has already connected with.


The ?Process? and Its Processing

Jennifer Nelson is now a postulant for Holy Orders. Alberta Buller is now a candidate for Holy Orders for whom we can anticipate with some certainty there will be a June ordination. Robin Poppoff has met with the Commission on Ministry who recommended her for Candidacy. She will see the Standing Committee in February. If all goes well, (and why not?) there could be another June ordination.


New Archdeacons

At the All School Reunion [see story below] Bishop Andrus announced the appointment of two new archdeacons for the Diocese of California. The Rev. Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain and The Rev. David Stickley (our very own Dean of Chapel in his now, spare time) will soon be installed to provide leadership for the deacon community of the diocese. The Ven. Carolyn Bolton will continue to serve for the time being. Congratulations to Margaret and David.


A Day of Discovery

A special workshop in discernment, called A Day of Discovery, is being offered at St. James? Episcopal Church in Oakland on Saturday, February 27th.  This is a well-designed program to help anyone who is weighing any kind of call or urge toward ministry of any kind. It is required of anyone seeking to enter the ordination process in the Diocese of California. A version of it is also offered (and required) in the Dioceses of El Camino and San Joaquin from time to time. Every Diocal student now in the School for Deacons has already done this. However, if you know of someone who might be thinking at all of the diaconate this would assist them in finding a new level of clarity. There is a $25 charge. If you, or someone you know, is interested contact


Inquirer?s Day! Almost Here!!

We are looking forward to our annual Inquirer?s Day on Saturday, March 12, 2016. Anyone the least bit interested in diaconal ministry or in attending The School for Deacons is most welcome to attend. Students at The School for Deacons and deacons in ministry are in a prime position to notice diaconal and servant leadership signs among the people with whom ?they live, and work, and worship.? All they need is a tap on the shoulder?by you?and a beginning conversation. If you need any supporting materials check the web site and/or contact Mary Louise in The School for Deacons office. Register for the event with Mary Louise.


Panama Project Now Enrolling

The Panama Project is a three-week plus immersion in the life and work of the Episcopal Church in Panama. It was founded many years ago by The Rev. Dr. John Kater. John taught at The School for Deacons and just retired yet again from the faculty of CDSP. John served in Panama for many years where he developed his competence in Spanish and more importantly in Latino culture. The program is designed for students in the process of being formed for ordained ministry and now overseen by The Rev. Ann Hallisey, Dean of Students at CDSP.

The Panama Project is an intensive way to meet the social ministry field education requirement for The School for Deacons. If you are at all interested, talk to the Dean, or to Kate Salinaro orSusan Napoliello. Check in with Nan Slavin who did the program last summer for her field ed.


Second Annual All-School Reunion

A shout out to graduates Ken Powell andNaomi Chamberlain-Harris who organized and put on a wonderful daylong gathering on January 16th. Bishop Marc Andrus provided a keynote focused on the crisis of climate change and its impact on planet and people, especially those most vulnerable.  After a sumptuous lunch, The Rev. Will Scott of Interfaith Power and Light led an exercise to identify practical things in conservation and clean energy that could be undertaken in any congregation. The final segment was an inspiring presentation by two congregants at the hosting parish?St. Anselm?s in Lafayette?who, as a ?green team? led the congregation in adopting solar power, significant water conservation, and other green initiatives that can be done in any congregation. Participants ranged from graduates from the mid ?80s to current students, as well as the bishop and the Canon to the Ordinary. The MC for the day was deacon Davidson Bidwell-Waite who wove it all together for us.

Lots of catching up with old friends and new. Lots of inspiration for ministry initiatives that make a difference.

We will be looking for two or three grads who would like to continue this tradition and organize the Third Annual All-School Reunion for January of 2017. If you are interested, contact The School for Deacons office.


Spring Rota

Dean of the Chapel, David Stickley, has moved us into the 21st century with a digital Rota for a semester?s major liturgy role assignments. It is the same Google Doc, but with a ?new semester? tag on it. If you haven?t accessed it to find out what you are up to this semester, please do. If you need help, contact David.