Ye Olde Hermeneutic XI #11

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?Deacons are not to serve us, the church, but to show us how to serve the world.? Paraphrase of Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, from address to his diocesan convention.

News for the Weekend of April 23-24, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

0ur Saturday Deacon is The Rev. Mary Jones

Having served elsewhere in her time as deacon, Mary Jones has been the deacon at Christ Church, Alameda for a while. For the Episcopal church, Christ Church is large-ish and it has a lot of programs, ministries, and initiatives going on at all times. Mary provides classic in-congregation leadership by ensuring that outreach ministries and justice issues are not lost in the wider busyness of the congregation. Alameda is an island with a community sensibility of being an island apart in the urban density of the bay area. Mary works to see that Christ Church is not just an island itself. Mary has stayed in touch with the school over the years, has been generous in her support, and it is a delight to welcome her back to be our deacon.



Eric is going to be away this weekend and we will have guest presiders. The writer of this journal does not know the names of these folk at the time of writing.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

Mike Williams and family have settled in their new digs (and in the new reality that living in Texas must be) and he has sent us his new snail-mail address.
Mike Williams

311 Candlewood Circle

Gainesville, TX 76240


The ?Process? and Its Processing

For all current students, that which can be done has been done. Others, we hope, are pursuing what is needed to get themselves to Vocations Conferences etc. that are coming up in the fall?which looks a long way off today, but will be here before you know it.


Scholarship Information

Because of the generosity of others in previous generations the Diocese of California has funds for scholarship for Postulants who are engaged in theological education and seeking to be ordained as deacons or priests. The largest of these funds is the Eastman Fund which is available to postulants in the Diocese of California and the Diocese of San Joaquin. There is also the Monteagle Deaconess Fund which is available to any women postulants for the diaconate in any of the four dioceses served by The School for Deacons.


Rebecca has further information on obtaining the right forms and making application.



Scholarship for Triennial Deacon Assembly

As everyone surely knows by now, there will be a church-wide (Plus Canada) gathering of deacons in Minnesota in June under the aegis of The Association for Episcopal Deacons [AED]. [Details on the AED web site] There will be a great program and the keynoter will be the Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael Curry. Anticipate a diaconal riff on being and leading in the Jesus Movement. These church-wide gatherings are held every three years, alternating with General Convention (last summer) and a year for regional/provincial gatherings (see next item).

The Dean and the School Deacon together are offering to pay the Registration Fee for one student from The School for Deacons to attend. We wish we could do more, or even for everyone, but there are limits. If you are planning to attend and want to be considered, write a one-paragraph statement of why going to the AED Triennial is important to you. If there are multiply entries, we will review the paragraphs and through some convoluted way, select one.

Deadline: No later than APRIL 29.


Save this Very Important Date

It may seem a long way off, but the dates have been set for the triennial Province VIII Deacons Conference. [If your don?t know what Province VIII is, ask one of the faculty discretely so as to protect your cover.] The last conference was 2014 in Vancouver, WA. It had an amazing program with great opportunities to come to know and network with deacons from all over the U.S. west. The next one will be NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV hosted by the great deacon community in the Diocese of Nevada. Get it on your calendar now. Start setting aside some funds for travel and registration. It is NOT to be missed!!


Good goods! A Vestment Sale (continued)

Judy Benjamin?s vestment for sale will be out for one more weekend. It is an opportunity for you to overcome non-buyers remorse. Check out the table in the commuter lounge.