Ye Olde Hermeneutic XI #10

Ye Olde Hermeneutic

?Deacons are not to serve us, the church, but to show us how to serve the world.? Paraphrase of Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, from address to his diocesan convention.

News for the Weekend of April 2-3, 2016

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

0ur Saturday Presider is The Rev. Eric Metoyer

The Rev Eric Metoyer is our guest presider this weekend.

Eric serves the people of God and Bishop Marc Andrus as the Associate for Congregational Ministries of the Diocese of California. He describes his job as supporting the day-to-day life of congregations, the 411 and 911. ?Not only finding youth ministers and answering queries about diocesan support, but also how congregations respond to the multi cultural world outside of our churches.? His Sundays are spent at any one of the 83 congregations of the Diocese of California?. He is also an anti - racism trainer for the Diocese.

Eric also serves on the board of the San Francisco Night Ministry, the Episcopal Urban Caucus, the Board of Corporators of Lyndon Institute (a prep school in Vermont), and was a deputy to the 2015 General Convention of the Episcopal Church. He?s honored to be invited to the School for Deacons.


0ur Saturday Deacon is The Ven. David Stickley

Because of the size of the Pilgrim Posse and classmates, we have scheduled one of the student deacon roles to a Saturday. David is stepping into Kate?s role in serving as our Saturday deacon AND coaching Pam Gossard through her student deacon role at the altar. Fortunately, the chapel configuration will be back in one of the more ?normal? ones so that Pam and David can focus on fundamentals without navigating a whole new choreography.


The Changes and Chances of this Mortal Life

Kate Salinaro has mostly recovered from her recent serious and elusive bug. Stephen Tiffenson reports that his back surgery went well. He expressed hope that he would be with us for this weekend. We shall see what doctor, discomfort, and common sense have to say about that.


The ?Process? and Its Processing

It?s official. Alberta Buller will be ordained at Grace Cathedral on Saturday, June 11, 2016

Robin Poppoff will be ordained at Trinity Cathedral (San Jose) on Saturday, June 4, 2016.

The Crazy {Christian} Eight of the Diocese of Northern California are actively planning their collective ordination at Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento for Saturday, August 13th of the year 2016.


Inquirer?s Day Thank You

We had a good turnout for Inquirer?s Day last school weekend. Thanks to everyone for welcoming our guests and being a resource for the curious. The best persons to help someone initiate active discernment about a possible diaconal call are deacons?or in this case, a ?disturbance? of some about-to-be-deacons.



Good goods! A Vestment Sale

A recently retired deacon has consigned a large collection of stoles, collars, shirts [Size 10] and other useful things to The School for Deacons. This is not a ?give-away? but rather a sale of some really good things in very good?near mint?condition at half or more of what they would cost to buy new. Rebecca will set up a table with the goods in the Commuter Lounge Saturday morning. The buyer feeding frenzy can begin at lunchtime. Checks only?to be made out to the original owner.