Reasons to make a donation to the School for Deacons

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The following is a list of core principles we can share with potential donors to the School for Deacons. They show the value of the school, and the impact their donation will have on the school, the future of the church, and the care of the world.

  1. The work of the diaconate is the future of the church.  The School for Deacons is on the cutting edge of the work needed to live out this mission so that the church remains relevant and vital.
    • Deacons live out Christ?s call to minister to the world; they have a special call to the outward focus that keeps the Episcopal Church from being an exclusive club ministering only to its own needs.
  2. A well-prepared and educated deacon is valuable to the church.  The School for Deacons is a place of formation that prepares people to engage in the ministry of the diaconate.
    • It makes a difference to prepare deacons for ministry
  3. Deacons add value to congregations.
    • Their work bears fruit, not just for them, but for those who are invited to share in the work and those to whom they minister.
  4. A gift to the School for Deacons allows the church to support and raise up those given the gift and call to the diaconate.
    • Both donor and potential deacon stand on the common ground of baptism; they may have different gifts, but one can support the other now by providing a place with excellent formation, teaching, administration, and programs; in return, the student can pay this back through their ministry and call as a deacon or, if not ordained, as someone who understands how ministry can make an impact in the world.
    • The potential donor has been given a gift of money; through a donation to the School for Deacons, that gift may have an impact far wider than they can know.