Dioceses Served by the School for Deacons

The Diocese of California

Diocese of Californiahttp://diocal.org

"Discernment Resources" are on the Diocal Site.

Contact: Melissa Ridlon at the Diocesan House  melissar@diocal.org

Archdeacons for Deacons: The Venerable Brian Barnes, The Venerable Caroline Bolton

Archdeacon Emeritus: The Venerable Dorothy Jones

The Diocese of El Camino Real

Diocese of El Camino Realhttp://www.edecr.org/

Look for "Ministry" on the site main menu. Inquirers for the Diaconate should contact The Rev. Brian Nordwick at brian@edecr.org.

Archdeacon for Deacons:  The Venerable Jo Weber

The Diocese of Northern California

Diocese of Northern Californiahttp://www.norcalepiscopal.org/deacon

The expectation is that students will be postulants before enrolling in the school. However, exceptions can be made. Contact the archdeacon, The Ven. Cookie Clark cookie.clark@sbcglobal.net, or the bishop.

The Diocese of San Joaquin

Diocese of Northern Californiahttp://www.diosanjoaquin.org/