Dioceses Served by the School for Deacons

"Discernment Resources" are on the Diocal Site.

Contact: Melissa Ridlon at the Diocesan House  melissar@diocal.org

Archdeacons for Deacons: The Venerable Brian Barnes, The Venerable Caroline Bolton

Archdeacon Emeritus: The Venerable Dorothy Jones

Shield of the Diocese of El Camino Real

Look for "Ministry" on the site main menu. Inquirers for the Diaconate should contact The Rev. Brian Nordwick at brian@edecr.org.

Archdeacon for Deacons:  The Venerable Jo Weber

Shield of the Diocese of Northern California

The expectation is that students will be postulants before enrolling in the school. However, exceptions can be made. Contact the archdeacon, The Ven. Cookie Clark cookie.clark@sbcglobal.net, or the bishop.

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