The primary purpose of the curriculum of The School for Deacons is, and has been from its inception, the formation of deacons as servant leaders for ministries of compassion and justice for all God?s people. Our offerings have evolved in content and focus over the years as the church?s understanding of diaconal ministry has enriched and grown. The present curriculum is informed and guided by the ministry canons [Title III, Canon 6, Section 5] of The Episcopal Church, the norms for diaconal formation articulated by the North American Association for the Diaconate [now known as the Association for Episcopal Deacons AED] in the 1990?s, and elements of ?diaconal formation that works? from the same organization [2009].

School for Deacons courses involve didactic, engaged, experiential, and applied learning styles and formats. During our intensive class weekends, material is presented through lecture, discussion, audiovisual methods, and in-class practice. A student is expected to supplement every hour of in-class time with three hours of home study including reading, preparation of papers, and activities that use the internet. Instructors consult together and seek to integrate their different classes into a mutually reinforcing and coherent whole.