Introduction to Pastoral Care

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to pastoral care, with a focus on crisis ministry. Students will be introduced to foundational knowledge and skill for pastoral care through readings, lectures, role plays, and group discussions. Drawing on models of adult learning, students will be expected to reflect on lived experience and engage in empathic and critical reflection in the class. The course will introduce concepts associated with: 1) a relationally-oriented perspective on pastoral care, informed by the Anglican tradition, 2) crisis ministry, 3) hospitalization and illness, 4) grief and loss, and 5) substance abuse, addiction and recovery. Students will be guided to apply these concepts to their practice of ministry. The course will include the formation of a group covenant, written reflections, and a "verbatim" visit. This course is intended to prepare students for Clinical Pastoral Education and other educational experiences focused on the development of one’s ministry practice.
2.0 Credits
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