Field Education IV

All students at The School for Deacons must complete four semesters of field education with a minimum number of 120 hours per semester (or 8 hours per week), and four semesters of Field Education Seminar. While field placement may be at either an agency or parish, two semesters of parish work are usual. Some students may participate in cultural intensive programs in Latin America that can comprise some or all of Field Education I & II. (Some dioceses have their own expectations for placement and learning goals. The School endeavors to cooperate fully with them.) All placements must be approved by the Coordinator and a contract must be completed by the student and mentor before the semester begins. Field education may be taken during the second and third years of the program, or during the summer months with the consent of the Dean. All students beginning field education must attend an orientation to field education. Students must complete canonically required training in adult sexual abuse prevention, “Safe-guarding our Children,” and Anti-racism training before beginning field education.
4.0 Credits
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