Continuing Education

Just for Deacons:

Keeping Fit through Continuing Ed at the School for Deacons

Just for Deacons is a program for working deacons

  • to (re)connect with the School for Deacons, its faculty and staff, and, perhaps most importantly, the new candidates preparing for diaconal ministry;
  • to continue the learning-in-community they began at the school;
  • to investigate aspects of church life, generally, and of diaconal ministry, more particularly;
  • to have fun and recharge; and ? oh, yeah ?
  • to fulfill canonical requirements.

Just for Deacons programs will include both applied disciplines such as?

social ministry, community organizing, volunteer leadership, leveraging funds, grant-writing, collaborating with non-church institutions, maintaining healthy boundaries with clients, honing liturgical and homiletic skills, and other heavy lifting,

but also supporting disciplines, such as?

the church?s scripture, art, architecture, music, literature, history, ecumenical and interfaith relations, new theological movements, spiritual practice, and

anything else that you wanted to learn about more deeply during your time at the School for Deacons.

Just for Deacons programs take place in practical increments ? working deacons have to safeguard their time.  Programs will consist of four steps:

  • preparation on your own time (typically reading and preparing questions and insights);
  • participation in a seminar or workshop with fellow deacons and school faculty during a School for Deacons Saturday during the semester;
  • sharing meals and worship with current students and faculty, if at all possible; and
  • contributing to a final report during the following week via E-mail.

Just for Deacons programs are advertised by the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The preparatory readings, movies, art or on-line materials are provided upon signing up for a Just for Deacons workshop.  Enrollments will be somewhat limited to ensure that the gathered group is optimal size for the proposed learning.

You can sign up by calling or E-mailing the school office.